Do you remember your first?

Luxury and exotic vehicles have something about them you won't find in your run-of-the-mill, mass-production domestic cars. Some say it's in the smoother design. We all remember that first contact we had with a truly special car, as you'll see below.

When Frank turned 18, his older brother already owned several luxury vehicles: a Mercedes-Benz, an Audi... But when he pulled in the driveway inside a brand-new, brown Porsche 928 S - a more recent version of the famous Porsche from the movie Risky Business - Frank fell in love. "It was not something you saw everyday. To see it for real - not in a movie, not in a magazine - was an extraordinary feeling. It felt even more special to know this car didn't belong to a stranger - it was family."

One day, Frank's brother tossed him the keys and said "let's take it around the block". While Frank still remembers the smallest details - right down to the cocoa blue interior - the sound and feel of the engine is what shook him most. "That's when I realized I was hooked. There was this entire world beyond everyday automobile, and I wanted to be a part of it."

When Kelly was just 7 years old, cars were already a part of life. His favorite uncle would pick him up every week and together they'd visit car dealerships. One evening, they drove to the now-gone Riviera Motors on Jean-Talon, after closing time. Kelly laid eyes on a fiery 1970 Lamborghini Miura and couldn't let go. "I was literally glued to the car".

Seeing pure wonder on young Kelly's face, the owner stepped out of the dealership and unlocked the vehicle, letting the stunned and overjoyed boy step inside. "At the time, this was the fastest production car in the world. It had these flowing lines and a bold look. And even though I didn't necessarily know all that then, I knew there was something truly unique about this car."

After 30 years in the luxury vehicle industry and so many cars, Kelly can't recall exactly the first one he actually drove. But to him, this 1970 Miura is the spark that changed his life. "After that, I was finished."

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