Servicing Luxury

A tour of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Quebec Service Department

"Eighty percent of all Rolls-Royces ever built are still on the road", says Carsten Schweers, Fixed Operations Manager for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Quebec. This is why the service department handles repairs on luxury vehicles of all makes. "If we were to repair only Rolls-Royce vehicles, I think we'd have a hard time staying busy!"

From modest beginnings as a parking valet, Carsten Schweers has since held multiple positions in dealerships and auction houses for domestic brands, as well as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar. Today, Carsten shares some insight on what it's like to service ultra-luxury vehicles.

"There's a reliability to Rolls-Royce you just can't find anywhere else. The quality of the parts is one thing, but I think it's really the passion of the assembly workers that makes all the difference", says Chris.

"Second and third-generation Rolls-Royce employees are proud to be making the world's greatest car with every shift. To them, it's not just a job: it's a way of life."

Just by looking at the spotless floor to the clean and shiny work areas, you can tell Carsten demands similar professionalism from his team. "There's so much effort that goes into building these vehicles, it's our duty to honor it." Genuine Rolls-Royce parts and accessories can carry a hefty price tag, and technicians must show the utmost care during installations or repairs.

Customer interaction is another distinctive element in an ultra-luxury service department. "Many of our customers are too busy to come in person for service appointments, so most of our contact is by phone. This is why I make sure to be present at every new vehicle delivery: I want to get a sense of each person I'll be helping before making the first phone call."

What's the greatest thing about running a luxury service department? "I always say that car troubles are the easiest to fix - so when I can help a client have one less problem in his life, I'm happy."

And what about the fun of test-driving dream cars every day?

"That too."