Black Badge

A bold new luxury.

Enter a world where the night is just the beginning. Where power is poised, waiting beneath your fingertips. Give in to the irresistible pull of the shadows. Be transformed by Black Badge.

Wraith and Ghost unleashed

Black Badge is an intoxicating new incarnation of the Rolls-Royce marque. More than a colour, Black Badge is a statement for those who dare to be different.

The iconic silhouettes of Cullinan and Ghost are intensified by an arresting new aesthetic. Performance is heightened for a more dynamic drive. Inside, the technical interior cocoons you with a mysterious allure. This is Rolls-Royce adding a new dimension to luxury.

Play your hand

Black Badge is for the fearless. The rule-breakers and the risk-takers. For them, the city at night is a playground of opportunity. Its darkest corners are revealed to those bold enough to look deeper. Anything is possible when you dare to play your hand.

The dark goddess

When shadows fall, everything is transformed. The iconic Spirit of Ecstasy is now as dark as nightfall, her elegant figure the embodiment of a daring new attitude. Radiating an inner confidence that demands attention. Follow her deeper into the promise of the night.

Own the night

Black Badge's confident presence is undeniable. Chrome is darkened, paint deepened to the blackest of blacks, and unique carbon fibre composite wheels sculpted to stand out. Performance is enhanced for a more dynamic drive, thrilling the senses and commanding attention on the road.