The signature luxury vehicle

The New, Best Car in the World

Spurred by the inspiring words of their founder, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars set itself another challenge: how can it make The Best Car in the World even better? Thus was the new Phantom Series II born.   The Phantom family represents the pinnacle of Rolls-Royce design, engineering and craftsmanship.

Silence has the loudest voice

Wherever this motor car goes, it does so with barely a whisper from its powerful 6.75-litre, V12 engine. Engineered and painstakingly assembled by hand, it delivers the abundance of effortless power that has always been an essential element of the unique Rolls-Royce driving experience.   For a car that weighs over two and a half tons, Phantom responds to the squeeze of the throttle with the muscular power of a performance car. Zero to 62 mph flies by in just 5.9 seconds and, where permitted, Phantom will continue to an electronically governed top speed of 149 mph. Meanwhile Phantom's highly efficient eight-speed gearbox offers seamless transitions and gives the impression that the car has an infinite first gear.   Even at such high speeds, or on particularly rough roads, Phantom feels as if it is floating on a cushion of air. This is due to its groundbreaking aluminum spaceframe, sophisticated air suspension system and its ideal 50/50 weight distribution.

Beautiful inside & out

Inside every car the authority driving position provides an elevated view of the road ahead and a generous view of the seemingly endless bonnet. The dashboard is deliberately simple and uncluttered, giving effortless access to the key controls, which are positioned intuitively in front of the driver. The classic Rolls-Royce controls, which include organ stops, violin keys, eyeball vents and elegant dials, provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to digital read outs and buttons.  

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