Almost Every Rolls-Royce Made Is Unique

Almost Every Rolls-Royce Made Is Unique

Just look at these three new Bespoke Phantoms.


Most of the cars and trucks purchased in the United States come out of existing dealer inventory. That goes for most automakers, anyway, but not Rolls-Royce. Almost all of those are custom-ordered with some measure of Bespoke personalization. And to highlight just what its customization division can do, the uber-luxury automaker has revealed three new Bespoke takes on the Phantom saloon.


So just what proportion of Rollses are custom ordered, as opposed to bought off the lot? The manufacturer isn't saying, exactly. But half a decade ago, it said that nearly 95 percent were customized by the factory.


Take the Horology edition Phantom pictured above. It takes its inspiration from the realm of watchmaking in Switzerland's La Chaux-de-Fonds with a two-tone gunmetal and black paintjob accented with gold and silver trim – from the 24-carat gold hood ornament to the layered stainless-steel Gallery dashboard and silver guilloche clock.


Finally, there's the Arabian Gulf Phantom, in Turchese and Andalusian White, inspired by local pearl diving with a nautilus-shell motif, mother-of-pearl clock and marquetry, and silk trim.

"These three Phantoms have taken several years to bring to fruition," said Rolls-Royce Bespoke head John Beckley, "and are a true reflection of our Bespoke Collective's extraordinary skill in interpreting and realizing our clients' visions."

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